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Just a lost cause screwing up every chance he's got at redemption. Bottom's up.


alaric saltzman - 3.11 “our town”

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  • ☢ : Character my muse is afraid of.

He’s never been more afraid of anybody than he is Esther Mikaelson. She made him into his own worst nightmare, forced him to do things he’ll never, ever be able to forget. She made him out of control, trapped him within his own flesh and made sure that he will always be lost within himself — denied him peace, forever.

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  • ☠ : NOTP for my muse

Well… I know it’s kind’ve a semi-popular ship, but, I’m not a fan of Eleric in particular in a canon setting.  The same goes for any student/teacher or other incestuous ships with Alaric (as I do view Eleric, as it is on the show, as incestuous.)  However, the biggest reasons I don’t like it is because (in my opinion) it’s out of character for either Alaric or Elena to have romantic feelings for each other and incest weirds me out. 

However, I’m not blind and they would be kinda hot, but just… in a different world where he wasn’t her stepdad/almost uncle/guardian and teacher.

My favourite ship with a Matt Davis FC and Nina Dobrev FC would have been Alaric and Erin’s Tatia in an AU setting (as I can’t see Alaric falling for anyone who looks like Elena in a canon setting because it’d be too weird for him.)

Hopefully I haven’t offended anyone (:  This is all really just based on my opinion.

my writing and muse improves so much when I read regularly. 

actually can’t wait until later tonight when I have time to reply and stuff.

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