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Just a lost cause screwing up every chance he's got at redemption. Bottom's up.

Sarah’s OTPs (because i know nobody will guess them sooo)

  1. Laura Roslin and Bill Adama, aka Space Parents.
  2. Literally all the ships on LOST.
  3. Literally the rest of the ships on BSG.
  4. Alaric x Jenna
  5. Alaric x Buffy
  6. Castiel x Meg
  7. i can’t think of any more but literally every canon ship on LOST and BSG man… omfg i can’t and lAURA AND BILL JUST—-

My muse just did something stupid that almost got them killed. Yell at them.

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Castiel and Alaric.

Whether it’s just talking

Being best buds

Killing demons together

idgaf. Cas and Ric are two of my favourite muses and I wanna RP with another Cas as Ric because there will be awesomeness, omfg.

It could even tie into that Zadkiel verse I never ended up writing about.


"you choose your favourite character because they remind you of yourself"



image "You are not-"

 No, definitely not the hot one.
 Well, maybe some of the female students 
 found him to be attractive.
 But Elijah had been hoping to find 
 a certain student,
 who happened to possess a remarkable physic.

     ”My apologies, professor.
      It seems I’ve mistaken your classroom for another.”

Strange. The Care for Magical Creatures
classroom was seldom used; Mr. Mikaelson
must have quite a bit on his mind to have
accidentally wandered here.

"We’re all distracted at one point or another,"
Ric sighed, looking back down at his work,
a hint of frustration in his tone. How long had
he been staring at these papers…? He shook
his head at himself, and regarded the student
once more. “Where did you mean to be?” he
inquired curiously. There wasn’t much else
along these corridors.

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        Hermione pulled a handkerchief from her
        beaded bag and wiped off her hands. It
        looked like blood, but it wasn’t. It was a
        potion that ended up making her bleed.
        A little. Just a little. Then she looked over
        to the person who was watching her. “Can
        I help you?” She really hoped she
        wouldn’t have to perform a memory
        charm on them.

"No."  Ric cast a look at the potion; 
it was a potent smell, and he grimaced,
noticing the bloodied handkerchief in the
young witch’s hand. “Do you need help?”
he asked, suddenly concerned  rather
than bothered by the smell. “Your hand—”
She didn’t seem all that concerned, but…

"Sorry — didn’t hear you come in."

"What can I help you with?

TVD meme[2/9] Relationships
∟ “How about we just agree to take care of each other?”


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